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Paul Downing

The Environment Agency’s Fire Prevention Plan Guidance – FPP Guidance is a prescriptive set of guidelines for preventing and managing fires on waste management sites that store or treat combustible waste materials. It is necessary to get the plan approved prior to environmental permit issue and in some case there is a requirement for the site to upgrade it’s infrastructure to comply with the FPP guidance.

In order to comply with the guidance you will need to ensure that amongst other things;

  • You keep a 6m boundary between waste piles and the site perimeter, buildings and other waste
  • You have access to enough water to fight fires (50%) of the largest pile
  • You can retain the firewater on site to prevent pollution
  • You have identified sources of ignition
  • You have pollution prevention booms and spill kits on site
  • You have automatic fore detection and suppression within buildings
  • You know where the nearest sensitive receptors to your site are
  • You do not use items that are faulty or likely to cause fires – electrical faults
  • You have an emergency plan in place in the event of a fire

Once the FPP has been approved (which may take several revisions of your plan) then it is likely that your environmental permit will be issued.

Paul Downing & Associates have produced several FPP’s for waste companies since the guidance was published in 2015 and have helped organisations not only receive their environmental permit but also helped them raise consciousness about fire prevention on their waste management facility.

If you are having issues trying to comply with the FPP guidance and require external help on this issue alone or with a wider environmental permit application for a waste facility, then please give us a call today on 01428 768 087.

We are happy to have an initial discussion about your particular site and some of the improvements that may need to be made to comply with the FPP guidance.


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