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Paul Downing

We can help you prepare an environmental survey for your business’ planning application to the local authority or environmental permit application to the Environment Agency.

The type of environmental survey you require will depend on the type of operation that you are planning to start, so if, for example you are a waste management business importing inert construction and demolition waste for crushing and screening, then you may need to complete a noise management survey or dust management survey.

Paul Downing & Associates have many years of helping industrial and waste management businesses in applying for environmental permit applications and waste and mineral planning applications. We can provide all of the services required for a successful application. We will help you to scope your environmental survey to meet the requireemnts of the particular regulatory regime that you are applying for. We can help you with the following:

  • Phase 1 Desktop Surveys For Contaminated Land
  • Fire Prevention Plans For Environmental Permits
  • Air Quality Surveys
  • Dust Management Plans
  • Odour Management Plans
  • Noise & Vibration Surveys
  • Surface & Foul Water Surveys And Monitoring
  • Waste Management Surveys And Audits
  • Ecology Surveys
  • Habitat Assessments
  • Tree Surveys
  • Highway Surveys

Almost all of our surveys are scoped and conducted after discussion with yourself and the appropriate regulator to ensure that the work will fulfil the requirements for what it was intended, that is to discharge a condition on a planning application or to support the determination of an environmental permit application. There is no point in conducting an environmental survey and providing more information than is required to achieve the desired outcome. Regulators are usually quite specific on the information that they require and what they expect to see in any report.

If you have a requirement for a particular environmental survey, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options on 07790147084


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