Environmental Risk

Paul Downing

It is tough out there, companies having to cut costs and restrain investment. Looks like we’re in for a long ride back to recovery. However all companies need certain support functions for the business to run properly and prosper , accounts, sales, admin etc.

For a lot of smaller businesses being able to tender for new work and being seen as a credible supplier are a must in the current climate and this goes beyond costs and flexibility. Most large organisations, especially in the automotive and aerospace sector require their suppliers to have certain credentials such as quality accreditations. ISO 14001:2004  is the environmental management systems standard that is used by most organisations to benchmark your approach to environmental risk. For many potential suppliers they are unable to tender for work unless this is stated in the tender docs along with a copy of the certificate or environmental policy.

If you already have the standard then you know that it is an unquantifiable necessity. If you didn’t have it would you be on that tender list or approved supplier list……….. it is a bit like health and safety, if you didn’t have the risk assessments and procedures would there be more accidents at work? you can’t quantify it fully but you know you need to do something as a responsible employer.

A positive approach to this and other forms of risk assessment is sensible business practice and if you structure it right you benefit from reduced costs in resource use too!

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