Environmental Permitting Regulations

Paul Downing

If you are a manufacturing or industrial activity falling under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010, then the chances are that you will have to apply to the relevant regulator (Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales or the Local Authority) for an environmental permit.

Permits are issues after relevant benchmark surveys are conducted (air, noise, contaminated land etc) on  the facility in order to measure the current impact on the environment. Over the lifetime of the permit you will have to comply with the specific conditions contained in it ( depending on your type of industrial process) and report regularly to the regulator. Once you wish to stop the process or sell the site, you will need to surrender the permit and return the site to the original conditions measured in the initial benchmarking surveys.

The permit application process is not straightforward and can be a time-consuming exercise, similar to a planning application in that the application can be advertised and neighbours and interested parties can comment on the proposed process to be permitted.

In order to support the permit application you may need to conduct;

  • A noise survey
  • A contaminated land study (Site Condition Report)
  • An environmental management systems (EMS) audit
  • Air modelling
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Ecology studies

or other studies in order to provide further quantified data on the proposed impact to the environment.

Penalties for operating without the appropriate permits and licences can be heavy and in extreme cases you may be issued an enforcement notice to prevent you operating.

If you require support with the permit application, supporting studies or an enforcement notice, we can help you through the process and provide practical advice at each stage to keep you on the straight and narrow.




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