Environmental Permit Compliance

Paul Downing

Environmental Permit Compliance is necessary if you are regulated by the Environment Agency.

Paul Downing & Associates have not only helped companies obtain environmental permits. We have helped countless waste businesses move back into or regain environmental permit compliance.

The penalties for not complying with your permit can involve large fines. In the case of some serious incidents, which are heard in crown court, there can be imprisonment for directors found guilty of pollution offences.

Once regulated by the EA you will receive regular audits or inspections. Once completed the EA officer will leave you a corrective action report (CAR). This will detail the breaches (if any) of your permit conditions. The EA will request that you provide a timescale for achieving compliance.

In some cases the remedial action is simple. Remove some waste from site or get back to the tonnages specified in the permit. These are straight forward. However in other cases you will need to prove that you are not causing a noise or dust nuisance. You will need to conduct further studies of your operations.

We can help you deal with the EA if you have an ongoing compliance issue that you cannot resolve yourself. Call us for more information in the first instance on how we can help you on 07790147084.

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