Environmental Permit Application Checklist

Paul Downing

I have put this basic environmental permit application checklist together to try and identify the main elements that constitute a “duly made” environmental permit application to the Environment Agency. Obviously there are differences from sector to sector and there are also differences if you need to make a standard rules application or a bespoke or installation application. The list is not exhaustive but gives an indication of the type of content that needs to accompany the application.

In reality, industry specific information also needs to be submitted with the application, so for example a poultry farm would need to supply an odour management plans and a waste transfer station may need to supply a dust management plan as well.

If you are looking to apply for, vary or surrender an environmental permit, or perhaps you are considering one of the many waste exemptions which you could apply for, contact us for an informal discussion on how we can help streamline the process. The Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016 and the Industrial Emissions Directive are not straight forward pieces of legislation to get your head around if you have never made a permit application previously.

We have experience of dealing with the Environment Agency and local authorities on permitting for industrial processes and can point you in the right direction so that the permitting process does not interfere with the day to day running of operations.

Standard Rules Permit

  • Application forms A, B2, F1
  • Standard H1 risk assessment
  • EMS procedures
  • Fire prevention plan (for waste sites)
  • Site plan edged in green
  • Drainage plans
  • Supporting information on the process
  • Technical diagrams
  • Conservation screen
  • Site condition report (if required)
  • WAMITAB registration (for waste sites)
  • Authorisation and declaration from company secretary
  • Appropriate fee to the EA

Bespoke or Installation Permit – In Addition to the above

  • OPRA profile
  • BAT assessment against the sector guidance/BREF notes
  • H1 assessment tool
  • Non-Technical Summary
  • Additional process information relating to guidance – maintenance, inspection etc
  • Site condition report and H5 template

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