Environmental Management Systems

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Environmental management systems (EMS) are used to help companies comply with their environmental permit. An EMS comprises therefore of a manual which, indexes a set of environmental procedures. These document detail how companies should manage issues on site such as;

  • Maintenance of plant and also equipment
  • Maintenance of drains and interceptors
  • Competence and training of operatives
  • Dust management
  • Water management
  • Noise management
  • Fire prevention
  • Risk assessment
  • Permit compliance

amongst many others.

The EMS should be a practical guide to environmental management. An EMS is required as part of an environmental permit application or permit compliance. Therefore It should NOT be an off the shelf set of documents or paperwork that has no practical bearing on the site.

Above all the Environment Agency also require that the EMS is kept up to date by being reviewed at least annually.

Paul Downing & Associates can help you develop or improve your existing Environmental Management Systems. Because we do not provide “off the shelf solutions”, each EMS is developed and written after visiting your premises. and clarifying your operations and requirements.

We can work with the Environment Agency therefore on your behalf. We will ensure that written procedures on site reflect what is actually conducted at your waste or industrial business.

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