Environmental Enforcement Notice

Paul Downing

If you are served an environmental enforcement notice (regulation 36 notice) under the environmental permitting regulations by the Environment Agency, then you are duty bound to respond and put in place an action plan to bring your installation back into compliance with your environmental permit conditions.

Paul Downing & associates have many years experience of dealing with environmental permit applications, improvement programmes and environmental enforcement notices and can work with you and the regulator (Environment Agency or Local Authority) to bring your industrial or manufacturing facility back into compliance.

If you do not respond adequately then the regulator has the ultimate sanction of serving a prohibition notice, meaning that you have to cease operations until the particular compliance issue has been resolved. This is obviously to be avoided at all costs.

Whether you require help for an interview under caution, sampling and monitoring or help with drafting mitigation as part of the legal process, we can call on our previous experience to help you find a way through the legal maze, including help with an enforcement notice.

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