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Paul Downing

Environmental Consultancy London and the south east of England focusing on environmental permit applications for waste management companies and industrial businesses. We have over 25 years of working in the environmental sector. We provide practical consultancy support, helping businesses comply with the vast range of environmental legislation and guidance.

Environmental Consultancy London

Paul Downing & Associates can help with all aspects of environmental consultancy London, including planning applications, environmental permits. If you need to make an application to the Environment Agency or the Local Authority we can help you. We also provide the surveys and data required to make a valid application.

We are based in Hampshire but serve companies throughout the UK and Europe. Our offices are less than an hour from the capital. We can provide services to help your business in greater London.

Our services are bespoke, which means that we listen to your particular requirements. This can be complying with an enforcement notice, permit or planning requirement. We develop a scope of works around solving that particular issue. We do not complete surveys or monitoring unless it is for a particular purpose and it is absolutely necessary in order to help you achieve you planned goals.

Our list of services is broad and we use a network of experienced consultants. All have industrial experience as well as working for the regulator at some stage in their careers. If you are thinking of using and environmental consultant or one of the larger engineering firms, please call us first as we often find that we are more competitive than the larger plc’s and can provide a more personalised consultancy service.

Please call 07790147084 or use the enquiry form below or email the link on the front page for an initial discussion and quotation on how we can help you comply in the most practical and efficient way.

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