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Paul Downing

The Environment Agency (EA) regulates part A activities of schedule 1 of the Environmental Permitting regs and the IED (industrial Emissions Directive) amongst other UK legislation. It issues environmental permits to operators wishing to carry out certain regulated activities under the EP regs.

If you are looking to apply for an environmental or waste management permit then it will be the Environment Agency permitting support centre (PCS) that you make the application to in Sheffield. A local Environment Agency officer located in your district will liaise with PSC during the determination of your environmental permit.

Where possible the EA tries to provide 2 hours of pre-application advice on your potential permit application, so in theory you should be able to receive a visit from an Environment Agency office to the site your are considering permitting. This would help you to identify any major show stoppers before you waste time and money on an expensive permit application. Show stoppers may include, nearby vicinity of SSSI’s, nature reserves, contaminated land sites or perhaps past financial or criminal convictions of the operator.

Once your application for a permit is received at the environment Agency PSC in Sheffield it is then checked to make sure that it can be classed as “Duly Made”. Duly made means that you have submitted a valid application and all of the required surveys, data, reports and forms have been completed correctly. Once the application has been duly made then there is a statutory determination of around 3 months for a standard rules permit and 4 months for a bespoke permit. In reality these timescales are longer due to current EA resources and backlog.

If you need help in dealing with the Environment Agency or applying for one of their environmental permits, then please call us today for an informal discussion on how we can help your business.



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