Environment Agency Waste Permit

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As a waste business running a waste transfer station. You will need to apply for an Environment Agency waste permit therefore in order to operate legally.

Environment Agency Waste Permit

The Environment Agency waste permit will need to be scoped with the EA. A number of separate surveys completed. You may be eligible to apply for a standard rules permit or you may need to apply for a bespoke permit.

All waste permit applications now have to include a fire prevention plan. Especially if you also plan to store or sort combustible waste. This can be time consuming and complex to complete given the current guidelines.

If you are looking to apply for, vary or surrender an environmental permit for your waste business therefore, then we can help. We can complete the surveys required and provide advice on how best to go about the application process.

Paul Downing & Associates have been working in the environmental consultancy sector for over 25 years. We can provide all of the services required therefore for a “duly made” application to the EA including;

Fire Prevention Plans | Site Condition Reports | Environmental Management Systems | Ecology Surveys | Dust Management Plans

The number and type of surveys can vary from business depending on your physical location. Are you next to a SSSI? or nature reserve?

A bespoke Environment Agency waste permit as a result will be more time consuming to put together than a standard rules permit. Therefore in addition the bespoke permit will be advertised to statutory consultees. Similar to planning applications also in that people can raise objections.

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