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TheAn environmental Environment Agency Permits

Paul Downing & Associates help businesses apply for Environment Agency Permits in various sectors. We can help you apply for, vary, transfer or surrender several types of Environment Agency Permits. We Can also consolidate older style waste management licences.

Standard rules Environment Agency Permits applications are usually quite straightforward, however even these can take several months to obtain.  Bespoke Environment Agency Permits therefore tend to be slightly more complex and the application determination timescale is slightly longer. It will take a few months to bring all of the documentation & risk assessments together. It will then take a further 4-5 months for the Environment Agency to determine your application and decide to issue or refuse the application.

Environmental Permit Transfer

A new site owner can apply to have the Environmental Permit transferred to their business as long as they occupy an existing permitted site. The transfer process is quite straight forward but you will need to demonstrate technical competence straight away through WAMITAB.

Permit Surrender

Permit surrenders can be low risk or basic as well as as a full surrender. An application for a full environmental permit surrender can be very involved. You might therefore have to complete a phase 2 intrusive site condition report to determine contamination levels in soil and groundwater. The new owner will be responsible for removing contamination levels over the baseline levels at permit surrender.

The application will require supporting surveys and risk assessments. You may have to submit Fire prevention plans, site condition reports, noise and vibration surveys, odour management plans and dust management plans. Quite often these are requested at the determination stage, therefore make sure you are prepared to do more work after the application has ben “duly made”. Once the application is in, that is not the end of the process.


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