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Paul Downing

We can help with your EA permit application.

Environmental permit applications are handled by the Environment Agency. We have helped numerous companies get started in business. Whether you are a recycling centre, industrial business or small scale recycler. We can therefore provide all of the services you require to get your business off the ground.

The EA permit application process is not straight forward. Each application is accompanied by supporting surveys and reports. As environmental consultants we can help you with all of the required information needed.

You will need to decide if your operation is covered by a standard rules permit. Because If it is not you need to apply for a bespoke permit. A standard rules permit is therefore much cheaper and easier to apply for. A bespoke permit is far more complicated and is advertised to the public.

EA Timescales for An EA Permit Application

You will also need to plan in advance. Currently the backlog of applications is long. As a result, A standard rules permit will take 8-10 months to determine by the EA. For a bespoke permit you need to allow a year to 18 months.

If you are considering starting a waste recycling centre or transfer station. Call us today to start planning your application.

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