Dust Management Plan

Paul Downing

A dust management plan is required to support some environmental permit applications to the Environment Agency. If you operation includes crushing or grading construction or demolition waste. You are likely to have to submit a dust management plan.

The DMP is a lengthy document that details the sources of dust emissions. It also details how you plan to mitigate or control these. The plan will also identify nearby receptors sensitive to dust such as bird nesting sites or residential properties.

The environment Agency has a set format for producing dust management plans. They can be very particular about the content of it. The plan may eventually become a condition of permit issue. You may need to comply with it in order to comply with your permit.

In order to produce a DMP we will need to visit your premises and identify several points of content that need to be in the plan. The EA will need to approve it.

The EA also issues enforcement notices to waste companies requesting them to produce a DMP if there have been complaints from neighbouring businesses or residents.

Paul Downing & Associates have helped many companies produce an appropriate DMP that is acceptable to the EA as part of their regulatory activity.

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