Do I Need To Apply For A Waste Permit?

Paul Downing

Apply for A Waste Permit – There are many different types of waste permit and Licence. We try to explain what these are and when you might need them.

Waste Carrier Licence – These are needed if you plan to carry or transport waste in a vehicle. An upper tier licence is needed if you are transporting some one else’s waste as in a commercial activity. A lower tier is needed for your own waste transport. These are easy to apply for online and we do not get involved in these types of licences.

Waste Management Licence, also know as an Environmental Permit – These are required if you plan to import waste to a site, treat it then export the resulting material as a commercial operation. Examples would therefore be a recycling centre or waste transfer station. Paul Downing & Associates helps companies apply for these sorts of permits.

Both types of permits are issued by the Environment Agency.

If you need to apply for a waste permit, then we can help with the process. It is similar to a planning application and will take from 4months to a year or more depending on the complexity of your operation.

In order to apply for a waste permit, you will need to have a site or yard. The permit is tied to that piece of land only and you cannot move the permit if you move your business.

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