Crushing Waste Permit

Paul Downing

Crushing waste permit. If you want to import C&D waste and crush and grade it you need an environmental permit.

We can help you apply to the Environment Agency for the correct permit. This will depend on the potential size and location of your proposed operation.

The grant of a permit is not automatic. You should allow several months for the application to be processed. If your site is located next to a SSSI or nature reserve then it will take longer.

You need to submit several supporting documents to accompany the application.

The two main impacts related to this permit type therefore is noise and dust.

A crushing waste permit allows you to import waste, then treat it on site and export the resulting grades. You cannot conduct this activity under a waste exemption.

If your operation is large or close to a sensitive receptor, you will need to consider the environmental impacts on nearby receptors. This includes nearby streams, woodland, nature reserves and SSSI’s.

All permits of this type must therefore have a sealed drainage system. That means they cannot allow water in contact with waste to enter a surface waster system. Even if there is an interceptor present. Dust management plans and noise surveys are also common additional surveys needed for this type of application.

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