Cat B Licence

Paul Downing

If you wish to buy Cat B vehicles for example from CoParts or other auction house. You will need to apply for an ELV permit. This permit or “Cat B Licence” as some operators call it will allow you to buy write offs. You can then depollute them and sell the parts.

The Cat B Licence or end of life vehicles (ELV) permit, is an environmental permit. These are issued by the Environment Agency in the UK.

The permit application is tied to a specific location so you must have a unit or yard before you can apply.

The EA have recently introduced a small scale ELV permit for smaller breakers to apply for. This is a much simplified permit but still requires compliance to the fire prevention plan (FPP) guidance for waste operators.

The small scale ELV permit allows for up to 750 tonnes per annum – approx 1000 cars. There are other permits with volumes of 2500 tpa and 25,000 tpa. There are lots of other criterial to consider before you apply for an ELV permit and become a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

If you are considering applying for and ELV permit contact us at Paul Downing & Associates as we have helped many small scale operators get started.

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