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Paul Downing

How do you apply for environmental permit from the Environment Agency.

This is the question I get asked most from the numerous enquiries that I get over a working week. My reply is usually always the same. Do you have a site or location already? If you do not then you are probably too early in the process to even consider applying.

An environmental permit is tied to a piece of land. It is an “environmental” permit after all. Whether you can get one or even if you can apply for environmental permit. This will depend on your location and what is around you.

Many standard rules permits do not allow certain activities close to protected sites. Woodlands, SSSI’s, nature reserves, streams, rivers, aquifers or other sensitive sites. If you are close to these you will need to spend more time and money proving that your operation will not impact them adversely.

If you do not have a site or a location identified, it is almost impossible to say whether you can apply for environmental permit. As soon as you give me a postcode or address I can look on my maps and see what is around you.

If you make an enquiry therefore, please make sure that you have a post code or address for me to look at. The permit will be dependant on this address not you as an individual or business.

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