European Code of Conduct and ISO 50001

Paul Downing

The European Code of Conduct for data centres is a voluntary standard for data centre operators and owners which promotes energy efficiency best practice.

The code is voluntary but includes many elements of energy efficiency which, if implemented, can help with energy savings across a number of KPI’s within the data centre environment. These all help to drive down the PUE figure (Power Usage Efficiency) which is one of the main metrics of data centre energy management.

The code includes metrics related to amongst others, blanking plates, supply and return temperatures, ASHRAE, CRAC unit temperature set-points and all other parameters all designed to optimise energy effieiency in the data centre environment.

ISO 50001 (energy management systems) is a management system similar to ISO 14001 (environmental management systems) but dedicated to the management of energy within an organisation that seems to be particularly applicable to the data centre environment. There is a natural fit with this standard and the requirements of a data centre to provide hosting in a most energy efficient way as possible.

If you are looking to demonstrate energy efficiency to your clients or looking to re-enforce energy management within your data centre organisation, you can download information related to the European code of conduct in this link European code of conduct and also download our ISO 15001 checklist from this link ISO 50001 checklist.

Please also see our earlier post ISO 50001 in data centres.

For further help on implementing ISO 50001 and how the European code of conduct can help you, please call us for further information.

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