ESOS Update

Paul Downing

ESOS Update

As of this week around 1700 companies have registered their ESOS audit reports with the Environment Agency with another 500+ registering their intention to register before the extended deadline of 31/1/2016.

This means that over 80% of companies in the UK who were written to by the EA earlier this year (some 12000 companies) have still yet to appoint an ESOS lead assessor and start the audit process. Fines can be up to £50k for non compliance with an additional daily levy on top of this for each additional day’s non-compliance.

From our experience of speaking to clients/potential clients over recent months, we have found that many companies have met the ESOS update letters from the EA with indifference or disinterest, not really being sure what the scheme is or why it is being introduced. For many companies this is the first dealing they have ever had with the EA and in many cases companies were not even aware that the Environment Agency were responsible for regulating this type of legislation.

There is still time to let the EA know that you will not be meeting the 5th December deadline but will be meeting the extension, this has to be registered by 12 midnight tonight.

If you are considering ISO 50001 as a route to EESOS compliance then you have until the end of June to demonstrate compliance, however again you must notify the EA of your intention.

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