Data Centre Environmental Permit

Paul Downing

If you operate a data centre with standby generating capacity of over 50Mw, then you may need to apply to the Environment Agency for an environmental permit under the industrial emissions directive (IED). This scheme is not to be confused with EUETS or the CRC which have already impacted on data centres over the previous several years.

The IED permit comes into play due to the potential air emissions that can be emitted from the standby generators (although most will never be used in anger).

A permit application under IED is not to be taken lightly, we have completed several for data centres in the UK and Europe and application fees to the Environment Agency can be in the order of £20k-£45k just to lodge the application with a 50% subsistence fee thereafter for the privilege of being regulated. Contact us if you need to apply for a permit or need help with energy management such as ISO 50001.


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