Carbon Footprint

Paul Downing

Many businesses now have to report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, measure their carbon footprint or conduct an energy audit of their operations for regulatory reasons such as the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS). Part of this may be regulatory but quite often it is for cost saving.

The drivers for these types of projects are many and various and it is necessary to ensure that a comprehensive  energy audit is conducted that accurately reflects current practices, the scoping of such a project may include fleet vehicle and other operations if appropriate.

We can help to benchmark your business related to energy management and make recommendations for;

  1. Equipment & plant related to manufacturing
  2. Compressed air
  3. Building services, HVAC
  4. Measurement, monitoring and targeting of energy use (M&T)
  5. Energy management and policy
  6. Energy contracts and tariffs
  7. Sub-metering and metering
  8. Training and awareness
  9. Control of energy using equipment
  10. Benchmarking and measuring emissions
  11. Energy benchmarking & energy efficiency reviews
  12. Identify your legal obligations
  13. Minimise your carbon footprint
  14. Clarify CRC obligations
  15. Produce a clear strategy on how to reduce energy consumption
  16. Implementation of ISO 50001:2011 (Energy Management Systems)
  17. Gap analysis for ISO 50001:2011 and action plans

Please contact us for information on how to best scope your energy audit and carbon footprint for the purpose you require.



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