AD Plant Permit

Paul Downing

You may need to apply for an AD plant permit (Anarobic Digestion) if you operate plant to turn feedstock into biogas and produce heat or gas for consumption or to export to the grid..

The type of environmental permit you will need will depend on several factors such as;

  • The rating of any CHP plant associated with it
  • The volume of feedstock you import
  • The location of the plant
  • The type of feedstock

If you can meet the conditions of a standard rules permit then the process is relatively straight forward. However if you need a bespoke AD Plant Permit, then the process is slightly more complicated and time consuming.

Environment Agency determination times for all types of permits are currently from 5-8 months for standard rules. They are longer for bespoke permits, so allow up to a year for the permit to be granted.

Bespoke permits are advertised so quite usually attract objections from competitors and neighbours.

We have helped companies apply for and successfully obtain an AD Plant Permit. If this is something that you are considering installing on your farm or industrial process, then call us for more information on how to go about applying for a permit.

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