Discharge Consent Application

Paul Downing

You may need a surface water or trade effluent discharge consent application if you discharge to a foul water sewer from an industrial process or if you discharge into a soak-away, river or watercourse from a lesser polluting activity. Trade effluent discharge consents are regulated by the local water authority, whilst the Environment Agency regulated discharges to ground and rivers.

We have helped many companies apply for the correct permits and discharge consent application to obtain the relevant authority to discharge trade liquid waste. The process is slightly more complicated especially if you are discharging to ground as you will have to do a groundwater risk assessment. This H1 risk assessment requires specialist input and knowledge of soil and groundwater conditions at the discharge point.

Discharge consents and permits are issued for both surface water and trade effluent for regulators to manage the amount or load of pollutant entering a receiving watercourse. This is true for foul sewers leading to effluent treatment plants as eventually the cleaned water will discharge into a river with sufficient dilution capacity. Conditions on the consent will include parameters such as BOD, COD, suspended solids, ammoniacal nitrogen, phosphates and sulphates. However if you operate a particular industrial process such as metal plating there will be conditions related to Nickel, Zinc or cyanide as well. Almost all permits include maximum capacity per day and flow rates as standard.

Throughout the lifetime of the discharge consent or permit the regulator will monitor you effluent on a regular basis to ensure that you are keeping within the conditions in the permit. If you are not then you will be told to bring about compliance by tweaking your process or treatment regime, or alternatively by seeking a variation to your permit from the regulator.

If you need help with permits or discharge consents for package plants or industrial processes, please contact us today for an informal discussion.


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