Data Centre (Client Confidential) – Industrial Emissions Directive

Client Requirements

We worked with a data centre company on permitting the stand-by-generators on several sites under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

Under IED all stand-by generators over 20Mw in aggregated thermal input need to apply for an Industrial Emissions Directive permit from the local authority, over 50Mw there is a need to apply to the Environment Agency for the environmental permit. Paul Downing & Associates can help your data centres comply with IED in the most efficient and practical way.

What We Delivered

Paul Downing & Associates helped our client prepare an application to both the local authority and the Environment Agency for compliance under IED. Stand-by-generators are part of a data centre’s UPS (uninterruptable power supply) which is essential in ensuring a power supply in mains outages. Because of the number of generators on site there is often a large rating associated which may lead to higher than normal air emissions. We prepared, site condition reports, non-technical summaries, EMS and technical documents as well as scoping air dispersion modelling for our client.

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