Changes to ISO 14001

Paul Downing

ISO 14001: 2004 has had an uptake of 25,000 new companies a year and is still the best know environmental management system (EMS) standard for organisations who want to promote their awareness and management of environmental related issues.

Recently, approximately 25 new changes to the standard were considered but some of the more fundamental to appear in the new standard due for publication in 2015 are,

  • Aspects evaluation to take a “life cycle” perspective
  • Objectives and targets to be supported with action programmes and performance indicators
  • Value chain planning and control with implications for procurement upstream and downstream
  • An understanding of the organisation’s compliance status at all times
  • Embracing environmental design (similar to ISO 50001)
  • Focus on environmental performance across the value chain
  • Broad brush strategic environmental objectives of an organisation to be considered
  • Evaluating risks and opportunities in the context of environmental conditions – resource use etc
  • Greater clarity on external communications

The focus is very much on integrating environmental management into core business activities, which most organisations serious about environmental management already do and the two major changes ( high level management systems and potential implications for stakeholder expectations and new developments) will help to achieve this for those serious about implementing a management system which will help benefit the environment and the business.

Whilst most changes will have little or no effect on those organisations who wish to gain a “badge”, those organisations who wish to get some payback from their system have been including such issues over and above the certificate requirements for a while.

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