Top Tips for Reducing Energy & Carbon In Industry

Paul Downing

I have gathered these from my time spent in many a factory looking at practical ways to reduce energy use. Many crop up time and again in the factories I have visited and in most cases require little or no investment.

Managing motors/compressors and other equipment tightly may not be the prime driver for most organisations as getting product out of the door is always the priority, however time spent managing energy consuming assets is rarely time wasted.

In most cases a well structured plan or management system will always bring about savings which have a cumulative effect over time in both energy bills and carbon emissions.

  • Modulate compressors so that they aren’t under constant/maximum load and sequence them correctly
  • Regulate cooling/chill water upwards by a few degrees (assuming no health risks)
  • Check for compressed air leaks on a regular basis and put the check on a ppm schedule
  • Install PIR’s for areas where lights may be on constantly in warehouses when not needed
  • Offer incentives to process area budget holders for energy savings
  • Ensure all kit is maintained in tip top condition
  • Ensure optimum boiler combustion temperature and fuel use
  • Install sub-meters where possible
  • Have energy meters checked/calibrated regularly (assuming they are yours to maintain!)
  • Optimising your supply voltage to

    225V or 220V can save up to 5-15% in

    electricity consumption

  • Use a reliable BMS to control building energy use
  • Conduct a thorough energy review to identify areas for improvement
  • Implement a site wide energy policy and management system such as ISO 50001:2011
  • Engage employees and contractors regularly in a site wide training and awareness campaign

For more information related to energy efficiency or ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems), or to discuss how a structured approach can help your business, please use the contact form or call us direct.


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