Funding for Renewables

Paul Downing

There is a huge amount of funding out there for renewables and innovative energy efficiency schemes.The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Green Deal both provide funding for domestic users and commercial businesses alike.As usual the process for getting the funding is not always straightforward and it is interesting to note that several companies have already announced training courses for the Green Deal although the scheme itself has not yet been fully finalised.

Finance schemes that offer the money up front then get their return as part of the energy savings made are plentiful and as a commercial enterprise most businesses should be looking to take advantage of these schemes. Feasibility assessments are fairly straightforward and are quite often offered free, so that a full 360 degree review of your business can be undertaken to look at all aspects of energy saving as well as investing in new technology. Regardless of whether you are seeking funding or not it would seem wise to take advantage of the free reviews on offer and available environmental consultancy services.


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