Environmental Consultancy London

Environmental Consultancy In London

Environmental Consultancy London and the south east of England focusing on environmental permit applications for waste management companies and industrial businesses. We have over 25 years of working in the environmental sector and we provide…

waste recovery plan

Waste Recovery Plan

A waste recovery plan is sometimes required to accompany an environmental permit application to the Environment Agency, to determine if your proposed operation is waste recovery or waste disposal. Recovery is the process of using…

Standard Rules Environment Agency Permit

Standard Rules Environment Agency Permit

You may need a standard rules Environment Agency permit if your industrial or manufacturing business is regulated under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016. A standard rules Environment Agency permit is just that, a permit with…

Environment Agency Fire Prevention Plan

Environment Agency Fire Prevention Plan

Environment Agency Fire Prevention Plan guidance was updated in July 2016 and is very prescriptive in nature. It includes requirements for Volumes of water available to fight fires Volumes of firewater that can be retained…

Environment Agency Waste Permit

Environment Agency Waste Permit

As a waste business running a waste transfer station you will need to apply for an Environment Agency waste permit in order to operate legally. The Environment Agency waste permit will need to be scoped…

crusher environmental permit

Crusher Environmental Permit

If you are looking for a crusher environmental permit and screen construction and demolition waste in a mobile plant, then you will need to apply to the Local Authority for a crusher environmental permit. This…

discharge consent application

Discharge Consent Application

You may need a surface water or trade effluent discharge consent application if you discharge to a foul water sewer from an industrial process or if you discharge into a soak-away, river or watercourse from…

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability Consultant

Paul Downing & Associates act as a sustainability consultant for several clients by advising on resource management and waste minimisation. We can provide all of the consultancy advice and information required to help with your…

London Environmental Consultancy

London Environmental Consultancy

Paul Downing & Associates are a multi-disciplinary London Environmental Consultancy serving property, manufacturing and industrial businesses in London and the south east. We work with industrial, manufacturing and engineering businesses to help them comply with…

London Environmental Consultants London

London Environmental Consultants

Paul Downing & Associates are London Environmental Consultants who specialise in environmental permit and waste management applications and surveys. We provide services in contaminated land, ISO 14001, environmental permit applications, waste management licences, ecology surveys,…


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