Carbon Footprint

Why does your business need a Carbon Review?

Many businesses now have to report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, report on carbon footprint and measure their carbon profile or conduct an energy audit of their operations for regulatory reasons such as the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS).

The drivers for these types of projects are many and various and it is necessary to ensure that a comprehensive energy review is conducted that accurately reflects current practices, the scoping of such a project may include fleet vehicle use and other operations if appropriate.

If you are required to quantify your carbon production or make headway into reducing emissions, then you will need to effectively measure your footprint via an audit first. Contact us for a costed proposal to address your particular compliance requirement.


How we can help

In order to complete your review we will need to conduct an assessment of energy bills and current operations. Please contact us for information on how to best scope your energy audit and carbon footprint for the purpose you require. We can help to benchmark your business related to energy management in similar sectors and make recommendations for improvement.

I contacted Paul earlier this year to help us with our permit variation and a separate permit application, I would recommend Paul for this work, he made the process very professional and we achieved our goals with great success.

Tony Hughes, Managing Director.

London Kent Metals
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