Environmental Permit Application Checklist

Paul Downing

I have put this basic environmental permit application checklist together to try and identify the main elements that constitute a “duly made” environmental permit application to the Environment Agency. Obviously there are differences from sector to sector and there are also differences if you need to make a standard rules application or a bespoke or installation application. The list is not exhaustive but gives an indication of the type of content that needs to accompany the application.

Standard Rules Permit

  • Application forms A, B2, F1
  • Standard H1 risk assessment
  • EMS procedures
  • Fire prevention plan (for waste sites)
  • Site plan edged in green
  • Drainage plans
  • Supporting information on the process
  • Technical diagrams
  • Conservation screen
  • Site condition report (if required)
  • WAMITAB registration (for waste sites)
  • Authorisation and declaration from company secretary
  • Appropriate fee to the EA

Bespoke or Installation Permit – In Addition to the above

  • OPRA profile
  • BAT assessment against the sector guidance/BREF notes
  • H1 assessment tool
  • Non-Technical Summary
  • Additional process information relating to guidance – maintenance, inspection etc
  • Site condition report and H5 template


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