London Environmental Consultancy

London Environmental Consultancy

Paul Downing & Associates are a London Environmental Consultancy serving businesses in London and the south east. We work with industrial, manufacturing and engineering businesses to help them comply with UK planning and environmental/waste law….

London Environmental Consultants London

London Environmental Consultants

Paul Downing & Associates are London Environmental Consultants who specialise in environmental permit and waste management applications and surveys. We provide services in contaminated land, ISO 14001, environmental permit applications, waste management licences, ecology surveys,…

environment agency permit

Environment Agency Permit

You may need an Environment Agency Permit if you are a business that is regulated under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016. The regulations detail what types and sizes of businesses require an environment Agency Permit…

bespoke permit

Bespoke Permit

If you operate a business that is required to apply for an environmental permit but you cannot meet any of the standard rules permit conditions, then you will need to apply for a bespoke permit….

Waste Management Consultancy

We provide waste management consultancy to companies in the waste management sector and the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The types of services we offer are tailored to your particular requirements but can range from help…

metal recycling permit

Metal Recycling Permit

If you are a registered scrap metal dealer then you will probably already have a metal recycling permit issued by the Environment Agency. The permit allows you to store and treat metals by sizing, crushing…

environmental consulting firm

Environmental Consulting Firm

We are an environmental consulting firm based in Hampshire. We work with manufacturing and heavy industry throughout the UK offering consultancy services related to planning, waste management and operations. We can help your business comply…

discharge consent

Discharge Consent

Many industrial (and domestic) effluent treatment plants need a discharge consent in order to allow their effluent to discharge into surface waters or the foul sewer network. We can help you apply for the correct…

waste transfer station licence

Waste Transfer Station Licence

The documentary and survey requirements needed to apply for or amend a waste transfer station licence is not to be taken lightly. Each application or variation will be equivalent to a planning application in terms…


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